Our passion is in creating great user experiences across connected devices. In today’s competitive business world, we help companies not only use the web to market their business, but to manage their business as well. Through strategy, user centered design and web application development, we deliver powerful no-compromise, digital experiences that generate demand and loyalty for our client’s brands.



Avid Web is comprised of a group of talented individuals with proven skills and specialties related to web development, & online marketing.


We strive to accelerate the production process, rapidly expediting each of the steps, while maintaining quality web development services.


We specialize in creating experiences that are attractive, simple to use, work for your audience and drive results for your company.


We can offer you beautiful and intuitive web design, content easily edited by staff or volunteers, and useful features that save time and money.


Nothing beats helping our clients find the success online, and here is what a few of our web design clients have to say.


It's important to partner with companies to ensure, we provide you with the latest web development technologies in creating your projects.

We Offer The Most Unique Web Design Services

Our website design services are strategized and customized to meet each unique business requirement of our clients, operating across a variety of industry verticals.

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Sylvester Moss Web Design & SEO Marketing

We have been providing compelling web development services for business, entertainment and learning since 2001. Together, we are a team of problem solvers, engineers, analysts, designers and dreamers; but most importantly, we are entrepreneurs like you and we know what it takes to build, maintain and manage a successful online identity. We have the skills, resources and talent to move your business forward at every stage of growth. You run your business, and we take care of the web portion. Our collaborative team works to give you the best possible final product, driving the results you want.


As our slogan says, Think, Create and Grow… at Sylvester Moss Web Design & SEO Marketing & Marketing, we create web development experiences that are attractive, simple to use, and drive results for your company. We do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations. Our success is driven by keeping our promises.

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We breathe imagination and innovation into your brand and never lose focus from the ultimate endgame, be it making money on the web or boosting your marketability. Please click the Free Quote button, to request a free estimate on your web design or development project.

OUR Partners

Here are just a few of the partners that we work with. We think it is important to partner with these companies to ensure that we provide you with the latest and greatest web development technologies in creating your projects.

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